Birthdays, 24 July 2010

Andrey Drenikov - composer

Born July 24, 1950 in Sofia. Andrey Drenikov is Bulgarian composer and violin player. Author of hundreds of children and pop songs.... |more|

Asen Gargov - composer

Born July 24, 1949. Asen Gargov is a Bulgarian composer and musician. Author of some of the biggest hits of Lily Ivanova - "Clovers" and "To Die from Love". Published two music albums with due... |more|

Dimitar Chapanov - Finance Director of BNT

Born July 24, 1954. Worked in the Ministry of Finance, the Sofia Tax Direction and the National Audit Office. Finance Director of BNT since 2005.... |more|

Gyuner Tahir - leader of the "National Movement for Rights and Freedoms"

Born July 24, 1961 in the village of Samuil, Rousse region. Graduate in Bulgarian Philology and Journalism at Shoumen University. Studies Law at Southwestern University - Blagoevgrad. Former l... |more|

Irina Kanusheva - cinema critic

Born July 24. Irina Kanusheva is a Bulgarian cinema critic and head of "International Relations" department at the National Film Centre. Director of the 13th Festival of European Co-production... |more|

Ivan Ivanov - Member of the 40th National Assembly

Born July 24, 1945 in Plovdiv. Graduate of Technical University - Sofia. PhD in Technical Sciences. Ass. Prof. in Technical University - Sofia and Higher School of Engineering - Tunis; Preside... |more|

Konstantin Bazhdekov - Director of "Levski" football club

Born July 14, 1955. Graduate in Economics at the University for National and World Economy. Former expert in budgeting and financing of public works in Sofia regional adminitsration structures... |more|

Prof. Georgi Badev - violinist

Born July 24, 1939. Prof. Georgi Badev is a popular Bulgarian violinist. Lecturer in master classes in Japan.... |more|

Sasho Mihaylov - conductor

Born July 24, 1926. Founder and conductor of Sofia Brass Orchestra for many years. Graduate of the National Academy of Music, specialized in Conducting at the "Ferenc Liszt" Academy in Budapes... |more|
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25 July 2016

Katsi Vaptsarov - Actor

Born July 25, 1963 in Rousse. Krastyo (Katsi) Georgiev Vaptsarov is a Bulgarian showman. Graduate in Acting and Film Directing at the National Theatre Academy. His TV career starts with the... |more|
25 July 2016

Alexander Stefanov - sculptor and artist

Born July 25, 1943. Alexander Stefanov is a Bulgarian sculptor and artist. Among the authors of Stefan Stanbolov's monument in Sofia.... |more|
25 July 2016

Sasho Dikov - sports journalist

Born July 25, 1952. Former athlete, national skiing champion. Worked for BNT. At present, he is program manager of Channel 3 and host of "1 to 1" sports show.... |more|
25 July 2016

Georgi Sofkin - President of "Small People" National Organization

Born July 25, 1959 in Stara Zagora. Georgi Sofkin is the President of "Small People" National Organization, 136 cm. in height, 50 kg. in weight. Graduate in Electrical Engineering in Technical ... |more|
25 July 2016

Evgenia Atanasova - journalist

Born July 25. Evgenia Atanasova is a Bulgarian journalist, host of "Vizhte Koi" ("See Who") program on BNT.... |more|
25 July 2016

Kircho Atanasov - Deputy Minister of Education

Born July 25, 1945. Kircho Atanasov is Deputy Minister of Education and Science in the cabinet of Sergey Stanishev.... |more|
25 July 2016

Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Gigov - Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Health

Born July 25, 1943. Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Gigov is Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Health in the cabinet of Sergey Stanishev.... |more|
25 July 2016

Nikola Filchev - former Head Prosecutor

Born July 25, 1948 in Varna. Graduate in Law at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", PhD in Criminal Law. Specialized in Germany and Russia. Former judge in Varna Regional Court, research ... |more|
26 July 2016

Norayr Nurikiyan - President of Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation

Born July 26, 1948 in Sliven. Two times Olympic Champion - Munich 1972 and Montreal 1976; Two times World Champion (1972, 1976); World Vice Champion (1973) and two times bronze medalist (1971, 19... |more|
26 July 2016

Diana Dafova - pop singer

Born July 26. Graduate of the National Music School in Sofia, specialized in Classic Piano and Singing at the National Academy of Music. Starts her solo career in 1985, producing hits for the n... |more|
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