Dolores Arsenova - Bulgarian politician, MP - National Movement Simeon II

Born May 7, 1964 in the village of Belimel, Montana region, Bulgaria.

In 1995 she majored in law from the University of National and World Economy, and in 1990, in pedagogy from the Sveti Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia.

In 1999-2001 she was a fellow at the Global and Regional Development Section at the Sociology Institute with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

In 1996-2001 she was a lawyer and member of the Sofia Bar Association, a legal adviser and consultant on non-profit organization and company management.

On July 24, 2001 she became Minister of Environment and Water with the Government of the National Movement Simeon II.

Mrs. Arsenova is member of the Bulgarian Sociology Association and of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria.

She is Chairperson of the Governing Board of the Hypokrat Non-profit Association.

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